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Who We Are

At Hearing Care Clinic (Hearing Aid Centre), all the diagnostic tests in hearing are conducted. There are several audiological tests meant for different age groups. The tests that we carry out include OAE, BERA, ASSR, PTA and Impedance tests. We carry out PTA and speech tests using MedRx computerized audiometer, impedance and auditory reflex tests using Maico touch screen Impedance audiometer, OAE test using Maico ERO-SCAN OAE test system and Bera test using Octavus BERA diagnostics. All of them are state-of –the art instruments with high reliability and validity in the test results. We have a strong database with more than 20000 clients with hearing loss and speaks all about our clients’ satisfaction and the faith they have reposed on us. We have a range of products in hearing aids and the fitting of hearing aids are done considering client’s needs and requirements. Our fitting of hearing aids are based on client oriented goals. After the fitting of the hearing aids we give a free trial period of one week for the client to use the hearing aids in different situations and later, if the client is fully satisfied with the performance of the hearing aids, he/she can go ahead in procuring the hearing aids. We feel proud to introduce ourselves as a pioneer centre in conducting free hearing evaluation camps. Till date we have conducted more than 50 free hearing evaluation camps which has benefitted the community at large.We do not offer discounts on hearing aids. In our centre, client is never pressurized to go for hearing aids.

Our strength is, after a thorough hearing evaluation, we spend adequate time with each client in preparing a list of goals; the client is expected to get out of hearing aids. Based on the hearing evaluation reports, occupation, age, vision, dexterity issues and goals, we decide upon a particular style of hearing aid out of many styles. Once that is decided we discuss about the features in the hearing aids which will be beneficial to the client for his normal communicative functioning in day to day life. If the client has bilateral (in both ears) hearing loss, then we stress for bilateral fitting of hearing aids for more natural and hearing at ease.

Ours is the first centre in the state to carry out ENG testing for patients with vertigo and this was initiated by us in the year 1998. In those years water caloric tests were carried out and there has been a lot of changes in the ENG testing over these years. We have state-of-the art ENG instrument for carrying out vertigo evaluations.

We understand that hearing aids are not a total solution for all types of hearing loss and in some cases cochlear implantation may be a better choice for the client over hearing aids. After evaluating suitability for cochlear implantation, the choice is left to the client’s parents to decide upon the surgeon and institution for undergoing the operation. We impart auditory verbal therapy by a dedicated team of speech therapists and special educators after the operation and look after repair issues of the prosthesis, if any. Very recently we have entered into imparting services related to cochlear implantation and at the moment have 3 children undergoing AVT training with us. I am sure, in coming days this number will swell and to cater to the needs of these children we are bringing out changes in our infrastructural facilities.

Late Sri Kishor Chandra Panda

Founder of Hearing Care Clinic ( Hearing Aid Centre).

Sri Khirod Chandra Panda

Director of Hearing Care Clinic ( Hearing Aid Centre).

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We are committed to make your life extraordinary, confident and bring back the stuff that dreams are made of. We are more than sure that there is no place like Hearing Care Clinic to look after your hearing needs. We make offers relating to our services and therefore we do not give discounts.

Hearing Care Clinic is committed to providing professional, quality hearing health care while increasing public awareness regarding the early identification, treatment and rehabilitation options for hearing loss regardless of age.


Hearing Care clinic is the full service Hearing Aid Centre where all the staff members are thoroughly trained to work together to provide unsurpassed quality of care and effectively improve the quality of life for our patients with hearing loss.


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