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Digital hearing aids dispensing in Bhubaneswar was first started by our organization, when we first fitted DigiFocus digital hearing aids to Late Sri Prasanna Kumar Das, Ex-minister, Environment, Odisha in the year 1996. Till date we have nearly fitted 30000 digital hearing aids and are actively involved in pediatric as well as adult rehabilitation. Our clients are all over from Odisha and adjoining states to Odisha.sThere are various steps involved in a good fitting of hearing aids. Any discrepancies, in any of the steps involved in the fitting of hearing aids will lead to a dissatisfied fitting resulting in discarding hearing aids. We pose a very simple question before you who has visited this website and the query is: Are you really been benefitted or satisfied with the present performance of your digital hearing aids? If it is “NO”, then we are here for you who work relentlessly to bring about changes in the communication difficulties along with other social and emotional challenges that are being faced by hearing impaired population.

We carry out all the audiological tests and dispense Digital Behind the ear, Digital in the ear, Digital in the canal and Digital invisible in canal hearing aids. We also dispense digital hearing aids along with other assistive listening devices as and where necessary. All the hearing aids are fitted with proper moulds and we do not pressurize to take hearing aids from our centre. We have 30000 satisfied digital hearing aids users in our database. We are unique because our Audiologist is a national and state awardee and was formerly at National Hearing Centres,Australia. We have a dedicated team to look after your needs. Please go through our pages to learn more about us.

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Our strength is, after a thorough hearing evaluation, we spend adequate time with each client in preparing a list of goals; the client is expected to get out of hearing aids. We have state-of-the art ENG instrument for carrying out vertigo evaluations.


We are committed to make your life extraordinary, confident and bring back the stuff that dreams are made of. We are more than sure that there is no place like Hearing Care Clinic to look after your hearing needs. We make offers relating to our services and therefore we do not give discounts.

Hearing Care Clinic is committed to providing professional, quality hearing health care while increasing public awareness regarding the early identification, treatment and rehabilitation options for hearing loss regardless of age.


Hearing Care clinic is the full service Hearing Aid Centre where all the staff members are thoroughly trained to work together to provide unsurpassed quality of care and effectively improve the quality of life for our patients with hearing loss.


  • Honest, Ethical Professionalism
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  • Integrity
  • Innovative hearing solutions with guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Happy atmosphere.