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Otoacoustic Emissions Test

OAE tests are mainly carried out to determine the cochlear status. This test can be used in neonatal hearing screening, infants hearing screening programs and children with developmental delays. It quickly assesses the presence or absence of hearing loss. This is an objective test wherein the patient has to sit quietly or sleep during the entire testing procedures. Since, this is a quick objective test to know the presence or absence of hearing loss, this is also a gold standard test in evaluating cases with functional or psychogenic hearing loss. Otoacoustic emissions are low intensity sounds generated by the outer hair cells present in the cochlea and therefore in an impaired cochlea these sounds are absent. The test results are either “pass” or “refer”. “Pass” indicates normal hearing and “refer” indicates further hearing tests are required.The benefits of these tests are enormous as they detect presence of hearing loss very early. Corporate hospitals wish to carry out neonatal hearing screening for new born babies and parents wish to know their baby’s hearing can contact us for the needful.