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Two Hearing Aids Are Better Than One
Two hearing aids are better than one.

Basically two ears widen the scope of your hearing, so you can find out where sounds are coming from and from what distance. In reality it is not your ears that do the listening, but your brain. Two hearing aids will help you hear all the sounds their rich, full texture, and making it easier to understand speech in quiet and in noise. Speech understanding and clarity is far better among those who wear two hearing aids versus just one. Though costly,

  • Speech will sound clearer.
  • Better understanding in noise.
  • Your ability to locate sounds will improve.
  • Listening will be easier.
  • You can respond more naturally
  • You will enjoy better sound quality.
  • You can communicate with confidence.
  • Various advantages result from wearing two hearing aids rather than one hearing aid. The following sections outline these bilateral advantages.